World Tanabata Action (WTA)

WTA Thailand

Let’s “GREEN the LAND & HEART to STOP climate change!”


This is a global common action to:

  1. Plant trees (or other actions to decrease CO2)
  2. Study/ discuss about climate change issues
  3. Write “my action” on “Tanzaku” papers

Make your own Tanzaku paper or download the Tanzaku paper template here. Please try to use recycle paper.

Tanzaku papers are collected and exhibited in the G8 Summit, the UNESCO Conference, etc. It was started by NICE in 2008, co-organized with NVDA, CCIVS and CONCORDIA, with many NGOs & people of all over the world!

Tanabata is a Japanese old custom from an old romantic tale where people write wishes on the Tanzaku papers and hang them on the bamboo trees on the night of July 7th every year!


  1. Decrease CO2 emission by practical actions 
  2. Raise awareness on climate change
  3. Promote cooperation among NGOs and people


Since 2008, 27 NGOs in 21 countries reported (incl. 17 NVDA members in 15 countries).

World NVDA Rate
Trees planted 822, 824 818, 529 99%
Paper collected 15, 872 9, 486 60%
Participants 20, 400 14, 461 71%

WTA--logoIn 2014-15, 8 member NGOs (SJV Vietnam, VSA Thailand, DALAA Thailand, IIWC Indonesia, VT Hong Kong, COM Myanmar, DWC China and NICE Japan) made actions.

We created a special Fan Page on Facebook in 2014 where the actions of the members were posted. The actions are promoted especially on and around July 7th, Tanabata Day.

Thus, NVDA joined a campaign of IVS against Climate Change together with CCIVS, ALLIANCE and SCI and made the common declaration toward COP21 with UNESCO related NGOs in October, 2015.

Feel free to download our leaflet for this common action!