NVDA Structure

Meet our wonderful 2016-2017 team!



Mrs. Phuc Do Thi
Phuc is the president of Solidarity Jeunesse Vietnam. She worked as the General Secretary for NVDA for the past 5 years and was also the president of NVDA ever since January, 2015. To her, NVDA is unique and very valuable because the members are very committed and hardworking. She is proud to be in the NVDA cozy family!
Mrs. Gate Jarinya Krittikan
General Secretary
Gate is the president of Volunteer Spirit Association, Thailand. She values friendship and loves the strong bonding and connections in NVDA. She is committed to make NVDA a sustainable and strong network to bring world peace through IVS!
Mr. Kaizawa Shinichiro
Kaizawa has a strong passion for IVS. He want to create a healthy and colorful world where various ecologies, cultures, personalities are living harmoniously and healthily! With this vision in mind, he founded NICE Japan and also initiated NVDA!
Mr. Sophat Sorn
Vice President
Sophat is the president and founder of Cambodian Youth Action, the IVS organization in Cambodia. He has over 5 years of experience working with IVS projects in various parts of the world and had participated in different activities of NVDA. He hopes to contribute more for the development and promotion of IVS in the other countries and to bring together young people with peace to live, work, and share their knowledge and experience through different IVS programs around the world!
Mr. Bird Tang
Vice President
Bird had been actively involved in IVS for more than 6 years. He began his IVS journey after a workcamp in Mongolia. There, he was inspired and created many wonderful memories with the local community. After his trip, he co-founded the IVS NGO, VolTra, in Hong Kong.
Ms. Julie Chao
Growing up in America, Julie is very open towards differences and loves traveling and learning the cultures and languages of different countries around the world! Together with her friends, she help started the IVS organization, DreamWalker, in China and is also currently working as the project manager there.

Thank you 2014-2015 EC members for their awesome work and contributions to NVDA!

President: Mrs. Phuc Do Thi

Vice President: Mr. Bird Tang

Vice President: Mr. Doreswamy Chinnanna

Treasurer: Mr. Tum Laksana Rodtrakul

General Secretary: Mr. Kaizawa Shinichiro