Stop Climate Change (SCC)

Brief information about SCC

Global Voluntary Service to Stop Climate Change (SCC) is organized by NVDA and NICE (Never-ending International workCamps Exchange), in cooperation with CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service), ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service Organizations. 

To dramatically increase the impact for carbon reduction as well as strengthen volunteerism and management of
NGOs, we started the SCC project, with sponsorship of the UPS Foundation, NLAPO and Mitsubishi UFJ Foundation. After
the great success in 2016, we have been continuing and developing the SCC project mainly by our self-efforts (besides
grant from NLAPO and Fund of NICE) and collaboration since it is huge work and takes some time to get real impact.

SCC 2019

This year, NICE and NVDA are inviting you to join SCC 2019. We have 4 special green projects in 4 different countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Japan). The project in Cambodia and Indonesia focus on Mangrove forest conservation. Both projects will start from July 4th and end on September 25th. SCC project in India focuses on utilizing solar panel as alternative renewable energy, and SCC project in Japan focuses on forest conservation by converting trimmed bamboo into bamboo charcoal as alternative fuel for household needs. Both project in India and Japan will start on September 1st and end on November 20th.

To be a volunteer in SCC project, you can decide how long you will have your voluntary service. We open the project for 1 month – 3 months duration and it is open to international volunteers. We will also organize short term volunteering (5 days – 2 weeks workcamp) in each country, so you could still have a chance to join the project despite your limited time.

In order to have a leader in each project, 4 local volunteers from each country will be selected as project leader. These project leaders will be joining the leader training in Japan on May 2019.  By joining this training, the project leaders are expected to lead the workcamps in environmentally friendly way. 

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