Membership Application

Membership Qualifications:

  1. Both the main office and the main activities of the organization are located in Asia/Oceania
  2. The organization have organized international workcamps in Asia/ Oceania

Exemption: Only founding organizations can be exempted from the above qualifications.

*Organization that does not fulfill the criteria mentioned above can become an associate member of NVDA, regardless of its workcamp experience and located region.

*The number of full members from the same countries is restricted up to a maximum of three.

*By becoming NVDA member, we require our members to contribute membership fee of 200 USD per year.

Required Documents:

  • NVDA Membership Application Form
  • Constitution of your organization with English translation if it is in a language other than English
  • At least 1 introduction letter from any NVDA member who knows your organization or is willing to support your organization
  • Report of your organization’s activities from last year
  • Financial report of the previous year (if any or if not, please complete NVDA Opening Finance form)
  • Certificate of registration as an NGO (if any) or any proof of being an NGO- NPOs by 3 persons who work with your organization as partners or stakeholders

Application Procedures:

  1. Complete the membership application form and submit it with the above documents to
  2. After submission of all required documents, the Executive Committee will discuss about your application during the next executive meeting
  3. An email will be sent to the applying NGO to notify about the status of the application
  4. If the application status is accepted, an invoice of membership fee will be sent to the applying NGO by NVDA treasurer.