About Us

History of NVDA

In 1997, through the strong initiative of KAIZAWA Shinichiro (President of NICE Japan) and our partner network CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service), 11 international voluntary service NGOs, mostly in the Asia-Pacific, came together, and NVDA was born!

Who Are We

NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia) is a network of international voluntary service (IVS) NGOs in Asia & Oceania. NVDA was founded in 1997 and now has 30 member NGOs in 20 countries/area. We organized 1,949 IVS projects and exchanged 14,155 vols. in 2015. We started IVS projects in 17 new countries and actively work for environmental or social common actions, development in PR (Public Relations) and LMTV (Long and Middle Term Voluntary service), impact research, etc.

Aims and Objective


NVDA aims to create a new age of peaceful, fair and sustainable Asia and the planet earth by developing international voluntary movements in Asia/Pacific in order to

1) Improve the local/ global situations on environment, social welfare, education, culture and poverty.

2) Support local NGOs and communities for their self sufficiency, human development and empowerment.

3) Promote global friendship, understanding and solidarity among international volunteers and the local people.


1) To start international voluntary workcamps in Asia where they are not organized yet

2) To develop existing workcamps in Asia as well as with the hosting organizations and exchange of volunteers 

3) To promote any kinds of useful, regional cooperation among voluntary organizations

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