NVDA Structure

Meet our wonderful 2024-2025 team!

NVDA General Assembly
The General Assembly shall meet in ordinary session once every year. It may meet in extraordinary session if it so decides or at the request either of the Executive Committee or of at least one-third of the Member Organizations on written and in which states the reason for the Assembly. Each full Member Organization shall have one vote in the General Assembly. Decisions shall be made by a simple majority of Member Organizations present and voting unless otherwise stated in this Constitution.
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Mr. Sophat Sorn - President of CYA
Mr. Sophat is the founder and president of CYA Cambodia since 2010. He was the vice president of NVDA in 2016-2018 as well. He participated in different network meetings and conferences around the world.
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Mr. Kaizawa Shinichiro - Founding President of NICE (Japan)
General Secretary
KAIZAWA Shinichiro (Kai) initiated to found NICE in 1990 and NVDA in 1997. NICE has exchanged 81,523 vols. in 30 years toward the colorful & healthy world. He has “invented” various types of projects such as weekend/ group workcamps, Global LMTV Meetings, Stop Climate Change project, Eco Sponge Action, etc. He is a lecturer of Kokushikan univ. since 2002 with 3 classes of service learning. He started IVS in 13 Asian countries together with the local youth/ NGOs. He has no sick for 38 years and loves pioneering the fields and crazy karaoke.
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Mr. Myagmarjav ENKHBAATAR - President of MCE
Myagmarjav ENKHBAATAR (Baatar) founder of Mongolian workCamps Exchange (MCE) in 2001, after participating in the Training & Networking Workcamp in Vietnam. The third time he was elected as an Executive Committee member of NVDA. He hopes to encourage public awareness of Mongolia’s social problems and promote local actions through International Voluntary Service.
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Ms. Richa Ghimire - Board of Directors and the Secretary of VIN
Vice President
Richa is a dedicated member of the Board of Directors and the Secretary to the President of Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN). She is passionate about making a positive impact in communities and helping shape the direction of VIN. Richa has been involved in networking for various organizations and representing VIN at different events. She helps build partnerships both in Nepal and internationally, expanding VIN's reach and effectiveness.
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Mr. Alex Bechetoille - President of DaLaa-Thailand
Vice President
Mr. Alex Bechetoille has been involved and supportive in the IVS movement since 2003 mostly in Thailand. He is a bridge between the western and Asian Culture and between the local wisdom and the fresh motivation of volunteers. He believes volunteering is a key to a sane education and well beingness.
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Ms. Noriko Ohkusa
Ms. Noriko OHKUSA has been actively engaged with NICE Japan since 1995 and served as an EC member for approximately 20 years. In 2001, she became the first Asian MTV of CCIVS and contributed as a coordinator for AEVE (Asia Europe Volunteer Exchange). She has participated in various IVS initiatives across multiple countries.
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Thank you 2022-2023 EC members for their awesome work and contributions to NVDA!

President: Mr.  Kaizawa Shinichiro (NICE-Japan)

Vice President: Mr. Sophat Sorn(CYA – Cambodia)

Vice President: Mr. Alex Bechetoille(Dalaa – Thailand)

Treasurer: Mr. Myagmarjav ENKHBAATAR (MCE – Mongolia)

General Secretary: Ms. Thazin Aung (GIVE-Myanmar)