NVDA Structure

Meet our wonderful 2018-2019 team!


NVDA General Assembly
The General Assembly shall meet in ordinary session once every year. It may meet in extraordinary session if it so decides or at the request either of the Executive Committee or of at least one-third of the Member Organizations on written and in which states the reason for the Assembly. Each full Member Organization shall have one vote in the General Assembly. Decisions shall be made by a simple majority of Member Organizations present and voting unless otherwise stated in this Constitution.
Ms. Rhenelyn Queen Dadulo
Ms. Queenie is an experienced organizer, researcher, trainer and educator in various local, national and international seminar and conference. Her extensive experience in youth development prompted her to organize and initiate programs related to international voluntary service and inter-cultural learning since 2007 and after eight years of program development founded GIED in 2015.
Ms. Julie Chao
General Secretary
Growing up in America, Julie is very open towards differences and loves traveling and learning the cultures and languages of different countries around the world! Together with her friends, she help started the IVS organization, DreamWalker, in China and is also currently working as the project manager there.
Ms. Ismi Novia
IVS activist the last 15 years. She believes that harmony and equality for people & nature are universal needs to achieve peace and IVS is the way for it. Mandated by GREAT Indonesia, in which she is in charged as Executive Director, she is proud to be elected as NVDA EC member since NVDA is close to her heart as she was an NVDA Secretariat herself back in 2006.
Mr. Mahip Dagar
Vice President
Mahip Dagar, representing RUCHI, India within NVDA. Having close to 10 years experience in rural community development projects he aims to promote active citizenship among youth and connect people with meaning full and rewarding volunteering opportunity. He strongly believes IVS movement as an most effective tool to promote peace and cooperation globally.
Mr. Miracle Chia Hsin Chien
Vice President
Miracle is the project director of VYA Taiwan. He wants to create a multi-coexistence society via IVS movement. Connecting, co-learning, and being the change are the core values that he believes IVS can deliver to the world.
Mr. Ben Pramudya
Benedictus Pramudya, holds an undergraduate degree of Political Science. Started to do volunteering in 2009 when he was 19, Ben believes that volunteering is the best way to experience the world diversity. He likes to travel in bohemian style to discover new culture, language, nature, and people. Life is like a book, there are a lot of pages to discover instead of keep on reading the same page. Since he is motivated in volunteering, Ben has a dream to create a cat shelter for stray kitten.

Thank you 2016-2017 EC members for their awesome work and contributions to NVDA!

President: Mrs. Phuc Do Thi

Vice President: Mr. Bird Tang

Vice President: Mr. Sophat Sorn

Treasurer: Mr. Kaizawa Shinichiro

General Secretary: Mrs. Gate Jarinya Krittikan