Asian Development Goals

On Sep. 26, 2015, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) was approved in the United Nations ( NVDA has been planning to create its own common long term goals corresponding to creation of SDGs and had approved to make the “Asian Development Goals” in its General Assemblies from 2014 to 2016. The goals will consist of the numbers of “Local SDGs” to be made in each IVS project the members organize together with the local NGOs and people, international volunteers, that could also benefit to:

  1. Increase impact of each project by having clear direction & goals
  2. Recruit/ motivate more volunteers by showing attractive visions
  3. Strengthen cooperation in each and with other similar projects

Pilot practice was invited to the members since 2015 Aug. and 3 projects in Japan and Vietnam made the goals during the workcamps. It is agreed to promote to more projects during 2016 in any of 3 phases;

  1. Projects agreement & Call for vols.,
  2. Project Leaders Training,
  3. Orientation and discussion during the workcamps and LMTVs.

Please click here to view a list of our members’ SDGs projects.