Upcoming projects

Our members mainly organize 2 types of projects.

One is International Workcamp, the other is LMTV (Long/ Middle Term Voluntary service) .

International workcamps are international voluntary projects, where volunteers from all over the world live and work together with the local people for environmental and cultural protection,social justice, rural and human development, etc. Every year, over 3,000 projects were held in over 90 countries! Most of the projects are for 2-3 weeks that are called STV (Short Term Voluntary service).

LMTV (Long/ Middle Term Voluntary service) projects are between 2 and 12 months.

You can see the Upcoming Projects.

1 :  All over the world projects *You cannot apply from here, please see below.

2 : NVDA members projects       International workcamp  / LMTV

Normally, volunteers should apply to international workcamps through the IVS NGOs of their residency or citizenship. We have links to the each organization however please apply to the IVS NGOs of your residency or citizenship country/ area.

NVDA also help send volunteers to international workcamps. NVDA sends volunteers who are living in the countries where there are no NVDA members and partners to the workcamps in the world. If you lives in those countries, please contact to NVDA.