Call for participants: Workcamp Exchange – Thailand

Overview :
What: Workcamp Exchange
When: From the 15th until the 24th of February 2020
Where: Kok Payom Community, Langu District, Satun Province, Thailand
Who: 20 participants from 4 countries divided as following:

Concept of activity :

The workcamp exchange Nature, Food and Community: Together for a better Future is part of the World Exchange 2 project. World Exchange 2 wants to combine the concept of Youth Exchanges with the model of Workcamps. So on one hand, non-formal learning will allow youngsters to participate in many activities such as workshops, exercises, debate, role-plays and outdoor activities. On another hand, the concept of workcamps will provide experimentation to participants in order to bring new ideas and experiences into communities, providing motivation through the practical work and the exchange of good practices among youngsters in the country partners.

This Workcamp Exchange invites youth from Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and Hong Kong. Each country will send a group of 5 youngsters (4 participants and 1 group leader).

Community Background :

Kok Payom is a small Muslim-majority village in Langú district, Satun, in the South of Thailand, with approx. 600 inhabitants. People in the village mainly rely on fishing and agriculture – rice, rubber, palm, fruits, vegetables, spices – as for their daily living and main source of income. There is 1 mosque, a religious school (Tadika), 1 public primary school (kindergarten and grades 1-6), a few small shops and community spaces in the village. 2 NGOs established by local people are active in the village, one with the main focus on mangrove and environmental conservation and the other, Klong Toh Lem Academy Foundation focusing on community development and lifelong, non-formal learning. They cooperate closely in community development and the hosting of volunteers. There is also a “forest school” location on an island in the mangroves for environmental education purposes.
Sustainability is the main challenge of the village, similarly to so many coastal villages in rural areas of South-East Asia.

Objectives :

  • To provide a space for participants to learn about nature conservation at the local scale of the community by participating in the mangrove seeding activities.
  • To create the learning workshop and raise awareness about food security, the use of ecological products and materials in food processing and packaging.
  • To engage international participants in the daily life of the local community.

Activities :

  • Planting mangrove trees to replace the dead mangroves in the mangrove’s nursery of the community (Klong Toh Lem Academy).
  • Participate in the workshop of making and packing the local food with the eco-friendly materials.
  • Create and organize creative activities with the children in the community.
  • Organize a dissemination event about the learning outcome of the participants in the workcamp exchange.
  • Discussion and presentation on the topic ‘Bring Nature, Food and Community back together’. [to be prepared in national groups prior departure]
  • Intercultural evening
  • Raising intercultural awareness through games, team building activities, energizers, etc.
  • Explore the local life of the community in Kok Payom.
  • Reflection sessions.

Requirements :

  • Preferably age 21 -30 (18-20 y.o are also welcome)
  • Active participation in all the activities of the Workcamp Exchange
  • Able to work in a team and share private spaces
  • High motivation and interest on the topic
  • Basic English knowledge
  • Commitment to writing an article/post after the project
  • Commitment to participate in a dissemination event after the project

Accommodation :

Participants will stay with the host families (local villagers) and some will sleep in the tents. The living conditions in the houses of the host families are very basic, without luxury. The participants will have to share the room with other participants. There are 2-3 participants per house. There are simple Thai style bathroom with toilet. Participants have to bring their own sleeping bags or blanket and towels!
The host family’s houses are just walking distance from Salaa (the place for villagers gathering, meeting, learning center of the community).
Participants will use Salaa as their common area for indoor activities and also will have breakfast, lunch and dinner there. The location of Salaa is near to the riverside and there is also a small pier for villagers to park their boats.

Food :

Food will be local Thai food and not vegetarian. However, we can arrange vegetarian food based on the request. Local people eat rice (or noodles) 3 times a day with side dishes like chicken/meat/fish and etc curries, omelets, and vegetables. Participants will be asked to help with housekeeping, cleaning and cooking.

Fee, terms and conditions :

  • Participation fee for 300 USD to be paid to NVDA
  • Food and accommodation for 10 days are covered by the Erasmus+ programme (Free)
  • International flight from Hong Kong – Thailand is covered by the Erasmus+ programme (Free)
  • The detailed information sheet of the project will be sent to the selected applicant
  • Youthpass (certificate) will be given in the end of the project

Fill out the form in this link
Deadline : 28th January 2020
Only the selected candidates will be contacted again for the final selection.
Good luck!

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