Eco Sponge Action (ESA)



The Eco Sponge Action was launched in 2007 and promotes using acrylic sponges, which allow the washing of most dishes without soap. This can contribute to a positive impact on the environment (by creating less pollution in the rivers), our health (chemical soap is not good for our body!), the economy (save money to buy soap), and our lives (save time for rinsing). 


The Fisher village (or “the island,” a small part of the village) consists of 20 families living in temporary ragged boats in the Red River. All of them are extremely poor and have no job in their hometowns. They come to Hanoi to get a job to earn more money for their living expenses, families, and children. However, in the city, everything is expensive, and it is not easy to have a job which gives them enough money to live a normal life. Therefore, they have to accept hard and bad jobs to make enough money to survive. Some of them collect rubbish on the street, in the dumping ground and in Long Bien market, etc. They do not have enough money to rent a flat or house on the land in the city, so they have to live on boats in the Red River, which is full of rubbish. Therefore, the villagers are not actually fishermen but we call the village Fisher village because they are living in the river. Their children, all of whom are badly malnourished and illiterate, have to sell collected fruits, vegetable, lottery results, or catch shrimp overnight.


  1. Improve the quality of life for the people in the Fisher Village
  2. Promote the protection of water environment and raise public awareness on global issues
  3. Develop friendship, understanding & partnership
  4. Fundraise for the poor families by involving them in micro-financing project

Feel free to download our leaflet for this common action!