Love Yourself Campaign


  1. The majority of the world’s youth population lives in Asia. Those groups have no choice in some issues due to their exclusion in society. They are susceptible to violence against vulnerable groups. 21–55% of Asian women report experiencing intimate physical and/or sexual violence during their lifetime ( DV-2015.pdf) On the other hand, youth has many opportunities to create a movement through platforms. They can lead and decide what is best for themselves.
  2. Those different situation of youth could collaborate by making a global campaign, allowing them to be responsible for themselves.

About the Campaign:

Join us in the Love Yourself Campaign by participating in our Social Media Blast! This campaign aims to promote peace and to educate and empower Asian youths to be an agent of change against gender-based violence!

Take action in any one of the following from Sep 1st to Oct 2nd:
1) Send positive messages to encourage and support victims of violence through twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, with the hashtags #LoveYourSelf #EndViolence
2) Change your social media profile picture with our twibbon
3) Share facts about violence on your social media