World Exchange 2 (Erasmus+)

World Exchange 2 is the second edition of World Exchange, a Capacity Building in the Field of Youth project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission. The idea of the project is to set the capacitate NGOs to plan, implement and evaluate youth exchanges using the European model for youth from different countries and backgrounds.

Youth Exchanges allow groups of young people from at least two different countries to meet and live together for up to 21 days. During a Youth Exchange, participants, supported by group leaders, jointly carry out a work programme (a mix of workshops, exercises, debates, roleplays, simulations, outdoor activities, etc.) designed and prepared by them before the Exchange. Youth Exchanges allow young people to: develop competences; become aware of socially relevant topics/thematic areas; discover new cultures, habits and lifestyles, mainly through peerlearning; strengthen values like solidarity, democracy, friendship, etc. The learning process in Youth Exchanges is triggered by methods of nonformal education. The rather short duration makes the involvement of young people with fewer opportunities appropriate; as such a Youth Exchange offers an international mobility experience in the safety of a group with the possibility of having an adequate number of group leaders to take care of the participants. A Youth Exchange can also be a good setting for discussing and learning about inclusion and diversity issues. Youth Exchanges are based on a transnational cooperation between two or more participating organisations from different countries within and outside the European Union.

The following activities are not eligible for grants under Youth Exchanges: academic study trips; exchange activities which aim to make financial profit; exchange activities which can be considered as tourism; festivals; holiday travel; performance tours.

Schedule for World Exchange 2019

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